Our Approach

As the demand for constant electricity supplies for every homes and businesses keep increasing, with the ever increase in population globally, it became a daunting challenge for every nation to meet up with this huge demand. As the deployment of solar mini-grids and rooftop solar systems across homes, offices and public places remain the most viable option alternative energy to minimize the national power outage and the depletion in the ozone layer.

Our services are not limited to, but comprise:

  1. Residential and Business solar installations
  2. Rooftop and ground grid solar infrastructures
  3. Solar mini-grids infrastructures
  4. Rural solar electrification
  5. Inverter backup an installations
  6. Sales and Procurement
  7. Solar street lighting and installations
  8. Energy Auditing
  9. Exclusive protection
  10. Facility management
  11. Consultancy services
  12. Capacity building